The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering does not aim to produce graduates who are job-ready but graduates who are adaptive and trainable. This seems to be a weakness of the graduates when entering the job market since they need some prior training before being able to start a job. However, as the current era is marked by high technology and a scientific approach, the graduates are sufficiently flexible to adapt to the current job market, which is strongly driven by new science-based technologies as well as the dynamics of the outside world. All graduates have the chance to continue their studies to pursue a higher degree or work professionally in various fields.

It should be noted that the relationship between the user companies and ITB is very good due to the existence of the ITB Career Center. Job searching by graduates as well as recruiting by companies become easier as recruitment events, career discussions, and job marketing events are often held. The study of graduate performance also becomes easier and is well implemented due to the good relationship between the user companies and ITB through this cooperation.

The average waiting time for graduates to find their first job was 4.2 months. Based on ITB Career Center Tracer Study Data for FMAE graduates enrolled in 2007.

Figure 1. Mean Time to Employment

More than 70% of graduates are professional worker. While more than 10% of graduates are continue their study to higher level in master or doctoral degree.

Figure 2. Recent Jobs of UPMM, UPAE, and UPMT Graduates

Most employment of Mechanical Engineering graduates was in field engineering (26.32%). For graduates from Aeronautics and Astronautics, most employment was in research and development, and sales and marketing (17.07%). Materials Engineering graduates were mostly employed in process engineering (28.26%).

Figure 3. Employment of UPMS, UPAE, and UPMT Graduates

The Undergraduate Program of Mechanical Engineering graduates batch 2007 have salary ranges from IDR 6,500,000 to IDR 28,000,000/month, with average of IDR 9,958,415/month. For Graduates from Undergraduate Program of Aeronautics and Astronautics batch 2007 have salary range from IDR 3,300,000 to IDR 20,000,000/month, with average of IDR 7,316,591/month. Undergraduate Program of Material Engineering graduates batch 2007 have salary range from IDR 4,000,000 to IDR 13,500,000/month, with average of IDR 8,515,786/month.

Examples of FMAE graduates employers: