Joint Seminar ITB-Hiroshima University-JFE Steels

Directorate of Public Relations and International Relations ITB organized an event

Directorate of Public Relations and International Relations ITB organized an event Joint Symposium Hokkaido University – ITB placed in seminar room FTMD ITB Thursday, 1 October 2015 and Friday, 2 October 2015.

This event started at 13.00 by introducing the speakers.

The following event was:

Session I :
Presentation about research, innovation and partnership by Dr. Irwan Meilano, ST.,M .Sc.,
Presentation about Hokkaido University (research, education, partnership) oleh Prof. Yukinori Kobayashi,
Current research and education @Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Eng ITB (Dr. Hari Muhammad),
Current research and education @Faculty of Civil and Environmental Eng ITB (Prof. Ade Sjafruddin),
Current research and education @Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Eng ITB (Prof. Ridho K. Wattimena),
Current research and education @School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB (Dr. Fenny Martha Dwivany),
Session II :
Current research and education @Faculty of Engineering HU (Prof. Kobayashi),
Current research and education @Faculty of Agriculture HU (Prof. Kimura),
Current research and education @Faculty of Enyironmental Earth Science HU (Prof. Tanaka).

The latter day, Friday, 2 October 2015:
Session I, Group 1:
Movement Variability Measurement Methods (dr. Alwin Tahid, Sp.KFR),
Biomechanics (Assoc. Prof. Todoh Masahiro),
Researches and Industrial Collaboration Activities in Materials Engineering FTMD ITB (Dr.Ir. Husaini Ardy),
Current Research in Astronautics group (Dr. Ridanto Eko Poetro ST., M.Sc.),
Advanced Flight Control System Development (Ony Arifianto, Ph.D).

Session I, Grup 2
Current Research in Water and Waste Water Research Group (Prof. Ir. Suprihanto Notodarmojo, Ph.D),
Water Quality Control (Prof. Okabe Satoshi),
Research on Acid Mine Drainage in ITB: Current Status & Challenges (Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudy Sayoga Gautama B),
Current Research Activity of Air and Waste Management (Awm) Research Group (Prof. Dr. Ir. Enri Damanhuri),
Three Dimensional Ocean Hydrodynamics, SedimentTransport, and Water Quality Model using Non-Orthogonal Boundary Fitted Technique in Spherical Coordinate System. Application of MuTeknologi
Software in Indonesia.(Dr. Muslim Muin)
Session II, Grup 1
Vibration and Control Research in Dynamic Laboratory (Prof. Zainal Abidin),
Vibration and Robotics (Prof. Kobayashi Yukinori),
Advanced Robotics Lab ITB (Egi M. Idris Hidayat, ST., MT., Ph.D),
Development of Seismic Risk Microzonation Maps of Jakarta City (Prof. Ir. Masyhur Irsyam, MSE,Ph.D.),
Development of Integrated Torre-Briquetting Processes (Dr. Eng. Pandji Prawisudha)
Session II, Grup 2
Metabolite Control in Cash Crop Agriculture System (Dr. Rizkita Rachmi Esyanti),
Faculty of Agriculture, Molecular Enzymology (Prof. Atsuo Kimura),
Biology in the 21st Century: With focus on Biomedical Sciences (Dr. Indra Wlbowo),
Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Analytical Chemistry (Prof. Shunitz Tanaka),
Environmental Eng (Dr. Edwan Kardena)

Farraz Akbar

ITB Mechanical Engineering Student

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