Call of 2018 IHI International Internship Program

This program is a part of the ITB’s international activities. IHI has concluded an MOU agreement with ITB.
It is aimed to give interns the opportunity to engage in research activities of IHI.
1. Target candidates:
Forth year students, completed 120 SKS or over, English ability and GPA score 3.0 and over are recommended.

2. Place:
Tokyo, Japan

3. Time frame:
Interns accepted for this program will participate in for a period of 3 month, with the start from October 2018.

4. Application:
-Please consult Dr. Sri Raharno, Cooperation Coordinator, Faculty of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
-A maximum of one students will be taken.
-Fill out the IHI International Internship Program application form and submit it to
Dr. Sri Raharno(

5. Application deadline:
Application deadline is Aug 24th, 2018.

6. Selection:
Candidates are screened by interview by related faculty and IHI.

7. Internship themes:
Evaluation and Optimization of chemical process
Brief overview :
(New chemical reactor)
・ Simulate the chemical process, material balance,
heat balance and et al, for designing the commercial
・ Evaluate the process using operation data of
Yokohama demonstration plant.
・ Simulate and Optimize the CO2 purification process
after carbon dioxide capture system.
Trainer :
Messrs. Taiga Yamamoto and Sho Kajikura
Business Development Dept. Resource, Energy & EnvironmentBusiness Area

8. Living expenses, Travel expenses:
IHI provide each of the Trainees with the charges for the travel cost between Indonesia and Japan, accommodation, meal
during the internship period and the transportation expenses from accommodation to IHI.

9. Final evaluation:
After completion of the internship period and submission of a report to IHI, IHI will issue a certificate to IHI internship

10. Notice:
The Trainees must insure themselves before leaving for Japan against any and all accidents, including but not limited to
death, injury, sickness, covering all the period of their stay in Japan.


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