Scholarships from DIKTI

For your information – apologies for cross postings:

The Indonesian Ministry of Education (DIKTI) has reserved funds for a large number of PhD scholarships, of which 50 have been earmarked for study in the Netherlands. Potential students have to register through DIKTI for the program and most likely the Dutch supervisors must indicate their willingness to support this to NESO.

The scholarships from DIKTI are for three years, so most likely the Dutch University will have to come with some additional funding for the fourth year (should that be necessary). NESO, anticipating the call for this, has its doubts that the quota of 50 for this year can be filled so they have already sent out some information on this. Scientific departments in ITC with contacts with potential PhD candidates from Indonesian Universities interested in this scheme could approach NESO and make sure the candidates apply to DIKTI.

It is for lecturers/researchers only, or in other words, people who already work in an academic institution. From what I understand the registration forms for 2011 are not yet on the DIKTI site, but those people who are interested and eligible can contact potential promotors at ITC/University Twente (and any other university in NL for that matter) directly, and then we can approach NESO, who will contact DIKTI. There are indeed 50 PhD fellowships available for 2011 in the NL, and so far none of these have been allocated!  If anyone needs any assistance, please let me know. The ITC research themes are available at

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