Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund Graduate Program

Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund

PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia in collaboration with Sampoerna Foundation provides one (1) qualified individual with the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Science, Social Science or Commerce at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. Upon completing the program, scholar is under a (n+1) binding program with PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia, where n = the number of years receiving the scholarship grant. The scholar must apply their knowledge and contribute significantly to PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia for (n+1) year.

Application Deadline is January 30, 2009

The information contained in this document is intended for the Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund for the Graduate Program applicant:

I. Basic Eligibility

Applicant must satisfy ALL of the following conditions:

  1. Indonesian citizen who is under 35 years of age when lodging the application.
  2. Hold a local Bachelor’s degree from any discipline with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale).
  3. Have a minimum of two-year full-time professional work experience after the completion of the undergraduate degree.
  4. Submit the required English language requirement (TOEFL / IELTS) and the Graduate Admission Test as required by each program, after the applicant is selected as the scholarship finalist:
    • International TOEFL with a minimum score of 577 (PBT) or 233 (CBT) or 90 (IBT), OR
    • International English Language System Testing (IELTS) of minimum 6.5
  5. Adhere with the scholarship rules and regulations, particularly in the (n+1) binding program with PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia.
  6. Currently did not enroll in graduate or post-graduate program, or obtained a Master’s degree or equivalent.
  7. Did not enroll or graduate from an overseas tertiary institution, unless was on a full scholarship.
  8. Do not receive other equivalent award or scholarship offering similar or other benefits at the time of the award.
  9. Demonstrate that without the scholarship, applicant is not able to afford an Overseas Graduate Program.

Any applicant proves to have forged information in his/her application form or any of the documents attached therein will be immediately disqualified.

II. Further Requirements
Applicant also must:

  1. Demonstrate leadership potential and interest in and commitment to community and national development.
  2. Attend ALL stages of selection process.
  3. Meet the requirements for obtaining a proper student visa upon acceptance for the scholarship.
  4. Comply with the application for scholarship rules and regulations as stipulated by Sampoerna Foundation, PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia, partner institution, and the university.

III. Nature of award

  1. The scholarship’s worth is approximately AUD 68,000.- depending on the program’s fee, for the duration of study. This covers the following:
    • Graduate Admission Test and TOEFL/IELTS reimbursement, one time only, based on original invoice, for the test taken no more than 6 months prior to the scholarship application;
    • University application fee;
    • Student visa application fee;
    • Return airfares from Jakarta to Sydney;
    • Tuition fees, for the duration of study;
    • Living allowance, to support living costs during period of study;
    • Literature allowance, to purchase textbooks required for study.
  2. The scholarship is intended for full-time / regular class study only.
  3. Scholarship recipient is not permitted to undertake any form of employment at any time during the course of study, unless such employment is allowed under the student visa obtained.

IV. Duration of Award

  1. The scholarship is provided for a maximum of 2 (two) years, or otherwise as stated by the university as a standard duration for the completion of the relevant study program. No extension will be granted.
  2. If the scholarship recipient fails to complete his/her study within the allocated timeframe, he/she is still entitled to continue the study. However, Sampoerna Foundation is not obliged to provide any further financial or other support.
  3. The scholarship recipient is obliged to complete his/her study as stated in the Scholarship Agreement. Failure to complete the study within the timeframe will result in a penalty imposed whereby the scholarship recipient must return 50% of the total amount of scholarship fund already disbursed.
  4. Continuation of scholarship is subject to the scholarship recipient’s satisfactory academic and non-academic progress.

V. Break from Study
Scholarship recipient is not entitled to take any break from study other than term or semester breaks scheduled by the university without prior written approval from the university and Sampoerna Foundation.

VI. Penalties

  1. Sampoerna Foundation will impose penalties for non-compliance with scholarship terms and conditions, including but not exclusive to academic and non academic performance and participation in mandatory activities. Penalties may be in the form of reduction of funding, suspension of funding, or termination of scholarship funding.
  2. Should the scholarship recipient decide to withdraw from the scholarship scheme, any funds already disbursed by Sampoerna Foundation as part of scholarship coverage must be fully repaid by the scholarship recipient.

VII. Termination

  1. The scholarship will cease when a recipient is no longer enrolled as a student:
    • When the university issues an academic record (transcript) indicating the completion of study.
    • When the recipient is forced to withdraw or cannot continue his/her studies due to illness or any other reason.
  2. The scholarship will be immediately terminated if:
    • The scholarship recipient fails to fulfill his/her obligations, or fails to meet the required academic performance level; or,
    • The scholarship recipient proves to have forged information in his/her application form or any of the documents attached therein; or,
    • The scholarship recipient is dismissed from the study program or expelled from the university for any reason; or,
    • The scholarship recipient is involved in any illegal activities e.g. drug abuse and trafficking or any other form of criminal activities.
  3. The scholarship will be terminated if the scholarship recipient does not pass the academic and non academic evaluation conducted by Sampoerna Foundation every 6 (six) months and fails to improve his/her performance within the given probation period.

VIII. Other Tasks and Obligations
Scholarship recipient must:

  1. Act in accordance with Sampoerna Foundation’s rules and regulations, as well as those of the university.
  2. Attend and participate in the Sampoerna Foundation Annual Gathering.
  3. Actively participate in personal development programs, such as:
    • Social activities, which will be conducted by their respective universities or the local community organizations where the scholar resides, for a minimum 36 hours per academic year.
    • Orientation Program, which will help the scholarship recipient to adapt to the local community, and to have better understanding of Sampoerna Foundation’s vision and mission.
  4. Actively participate in professional development programs, such as internship program.
  5. During the study program, the scholarship recipient is expected to maintain regular correspondence with Sampoerna Foundation to report his/her academic and non-academic progress.
  6. After successful completion of the program, the scholarship recipient is expected to join Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association and actively participate in its programs and activities.
  7. Participate in N+1 Binding Program and any other mandatory programs and activities as described herein or in the future.

IX. N+1 Binding Program
Binding program of n+1 (where n = the number of years receiving the scholarship grants) is applied upon the completion of the graduate program. The scholar must apply their knowledge and contribute significantly to PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia.

X. General Procedures
Interested applicants who meet the requirements must complete and return the application package (application form, health information form, reference form) by the deadline (January 30, 2009) to Sampoerna Foundation office:
North Tower, 26th Floor
JL. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45
Jakarta 12930

When you submit the application package, please write “Rio Tinto-S2” at the top right hand corner of the envelope. Application package can be downloaded from Sampoerna Foundation’s website:
Sampoerna Foundation will consider completed applications only, and will notify the short-listed applicants to attend the continuing stages of the selection process. When applicable, the supporting documents must be certified by university (for school transcripts), public notary or other relevant authorized parties / individuals as true copy of the original. Please do not send any original documents. Sampoerna Foundation will not be responsible for handling and returning original documents, but does reserve the right to request the provision of original documents if necessary.

XI. Timeline

Stage Timeline
Application Deadline January 30, 2009
Paper Selection and Announcement of Results 2nd week of February 2009
Panel Interview, Group Discussion, and Home Visit 3rd week of February 2009
Final Review and Finalists’ Announcement 2nd week of March 2009
Final selection process: University admission March – May 2009
Winners’ Announcement Tentative
Program orientation and departure preparation: passport, visa, ticket June 2009
Master’s Program Starts July 2009
This is a tentative schedule and subject to change without prior notice.

XII. Further Information
Prospective applicants are advised to directly contact University of New South Wales (UNSW) directly or Australian Education Center (AEC) to find out about the admission process and requirements for an enrolment. Applicants’ inquiries about the scholarship (requirements, conditions, coverage, etc.) should be directed to Sampoerna Foundation (62-21- 577-2340/

The Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)
Menara Imperium, 28th Floor, Suite B
Metropolitan Kuningan Superblok Kav.1
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan
Jakarta 12980 – Indonesia
Tel. (62-21) 831-7330; Fax (62-21) 831-7331;

IALF Jakarta
Sentra Mulia Building, Ground Floor
Jl Rasuna Said Kav X-6 No. 8
Jakarta 12940
Tel. (62-21) 521-3350; Fax (62-21) 521-3349;

Australian Education Centre (AEC)
Sentra Mulia 6th Floor, Suite 615
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav X-6, no. 8
Jakarta 12940
Tel. (62-21) 522 9678; Fax (62-21) 521 3745

University of New South Wales
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